Welcome to MLF Care

MLF Care is the company providing medical care and consulting services.

Our general medical practise includes diagnostic, treatment and medical certificates.

Our service is available in Sweden. We do provide help within matters reffering to our custommers health problems. We are always ready to answer questions concerning health and general medicin.

What is more, company offers medical ´second opinions´ and trying to make improvement of peoples life style. One of company goals is also to increase quality of live, of our patients.

Moreover company workers are often taking part in courses increasing their knowledge. Constant improvement, better training and latest technological solutions are allowing us to give the best possible help for our patients.
Not only our help but also help of other medical specialist, that we cooperate with, is available for our patients service.

We are doing our best to follow the rule:

"Impossible matters are done immediately, miracles do need usually little bit more time."